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An intellectual software attorney advises clients on how to resolve business problems through software and copyright protection strategies. Under copyright law, protection is only for the form of expression of an idea, not for the idea itself. The copyright protection of computer programs is not the basic idea, but the computer language used to express it. Program coding is done independently. In this case, the idea behind the program represents that idea.


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Therefore, new code is protected by constructing expressions, but not methods and algorithms in the program. An algorithm is a well-defined list of instructions to perform a task. This is a set of instructions that indicate the steps required for the computer to process information and the specific order in which those operations must be performed to perform a particular task.

Software coding, copying and copyright are closely related. Software development is a constantly evolving industry. Software becomes a valuable intellectual property (IP) asset because the work required to develop good software is complex and intensive. Our software and copyright attorneys advise clients on contracts and licenses, as well as best practices for protecting these assets through copyright, patent and other remedies. It also helps artists register their creative work and get copyright protection.

Software in the simplest sense can be understood as a sequence of instructions given to a computer to produce the desired result. The most common methods of software piracy are software lifting, hard drive downloads, and unauthorized leasing. In addition, the ease of copying and the high quality of pirated software is a major threat to the software industry. Therefore, the protection of software with intellectual property rights is necessary to ensure that the creators fully benefit and to promote future creativity and ingenuity. The place where you file a software infringement lawsuit is where the defendant or where the violation occurred.

Limitations For Civil Action In Copyright Matters

Under the statute of limitations for civil action in copyright matters, claims will not be admissible after the expiration of the three-year period from the date the proceedings were filed. Computer programs are literary works as defined by copyright law. A computer program is a set of instructions or instructions used directly or indirectly by a computer to achieve a particular result. Copyright of a computer program prohibits copying the program's structure and design.

Graphics, sounds and appearance of computer programs may also be protected as audiovisual works. As a result, the program may violate even if the code has not been copied. Cheating is a matter of stubbornness and attention to detail, as well as extreme ingenuity. Severity is considered on a case-by-case basis by court professionals. The two main ways to protect software code are copyright and patent. Of these two patents, it is more difficult to obtain a patent for the reasons described below.

Copyright is easy because you don't have to register and the protection granted will last longer. However, it has to be applied retroactively and the protection provided is not very strong. Copyright gives you the legal right to protect the software. This gives you greater control over the use of the software and can benefit from it. For example, this means that end users cannot copy and sell, rent, or modify the program. You may license the software to the licensee and grant the licensee temporary permission to modify the software. You may want these licensees to share your software changes with others. This cannot be done if the software is not protected.


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